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Creative Kids Vouchers

Art4Fun is currently hosting art classes online with FACEBOOK or ZOOM.

Take me to the Art Classes

We run weekly art programs on a scheduled timeline at an affordable rate of $25 for 1 hour session. 

Art materials are supplied with the art project at your own cost. You cannot use your voucher to purchase art materials.

We also have art kits for sale at the allocated workshops, if you choose to purchase one from us and participate with the online art lesson workshop. We accept PayPal, direct debit or cash payments.

Adult classes are offered for those interested in learning how to paint with Acrylics and Watercolour as well as drawing. 

Bookings are essential as we run art lessons online. All you need is a FACEBOOK account or a ZOOM account. Joining these online sites are free!

You will need to provide an email address so we can send you the invitation link in the email with the join the art class code.

When we run our specialized art workshops _online or face-to-face, we package the special event with all art materials which you can buy. The art lesson is payable with your voucher. 

After the workshop, you may choose to purchase the art kit and continue making your art at home or with your family'n'friends at your leisure!

 We have plenty more on offer in 2022, so stay posted on FACEBOOK.